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Server, Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives have significant value. Let us know the details about your Hard Drives and we will provide you with the maximum value.

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We are always looking to buy large quantities of used hard drives (HDD) and SSDs. We make the processes of selling hard drives very easy. You will not have to ask, “How do I sell my used hard drives?” Our team is prepared to quickly find the value of your old hard drives. Let’s work together to generate a return on your excess hard drives.

Hard Drive Checklist

Servers, Desktop, or Laptop

Let us know about the production environment of your used hard drives

Part Number

OEM Part Number: HP, Dell, IBM?, etc.

Manufacturer Part Number: Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung Kingston, etc.


Drive density is an important factor in determining value.

Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 10TB, etc.


Are your drives 2.5" or 3.5"


Speed is another important value factor

RPM: 5400, 7200, 10k, 15k etc.

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Reduce your workload by efficiently Selling your used hard drives. We have optimized our process to provide maximum return on initial investment.

Get a Quote on Hard Drives

Let us know about your used drives. What are the part numbers, speeds, capacities and quantities? Our Hard Drive specialists will review you inventory and quickly quote on your excess drives.

Shipping and Logistics

We will pay for shipping, boxes, palatalizing and pick-up. It is important to use that your product does not get damaged. Our mitigation strategy will help you send hard drives in the best condition possible.

Get Paid for excess Hard Drives

From the minute we receive your submission, our team is looking for the best value on the market. We quickly send payment once product is recieved. Certificate of data destruction available upon request.

Secure Data Services Since 1965

 We offer reliable and secure data destruction services which include physical destruction and secure data wiping methods. Hard Drives (HDDs) are safe with us;  our data destruction and erasure lab is  effective, auditable and certified. We present all our clients with a chain of custody upon request.

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