Saving Government Budgets

Today more than ever, government agencies depend on computers and electronics in order to effectively operate within their respective borders. Most governments, whether city, county, state, or nationwide, have a very intelligent yet busy IT department. When the computers, servers, and data storage centers need to be upgraded and replaced; it can be exhausting. More importantly, we are aware of the importance of data security when it comes to sensitive information on your used equipment. Sit back, relax, and let us help you with any upgrades and disposal of used IT equipment.

Data Security

From Washington DC all the way down to your small-town mayor’s office, nothing is more important than data security. Even with the slightest risk of a data breach the consequences can be substantial. Since 1965, data security has been our number one priority. Our spotless reputation ensures transactions are handled efficiently, ethically, and securely from start to finish. Proudly, with thousands of transactions processed we have never had one security breach or data loss.

Return on Assets

For over half a century, our IT experts have been assisting educational, government, healthcare, and corporate entities get a bigger return on investment for their used IT equipment. We guarantee the best offers for your used It equipment, saving budgets in the process.

Eco Friendly

As a leader in the e-waste recycling industry, our goal is to make sure your IT assets are recycled responsibly and kept out of landfills. Our processes make sustainability and corporate social responsibility easily achievable. We provide detailed chain of custody documents ensuring your equipment is handled and recycled with the utmost care.