Hard Drive Shredding


Hard drive shredding is one of the many forms of secure data destruction we offer. A hard drive shredder is a mechanical device that physically destroys old hard drives by severing the platter in ensuring that the data they contain can never be recovered.


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Hard Drive Shredding Services

We can help you destroy your unwanted hard drive

We can also provide on-site hard drive shredding at any location nationwide and off-site hard drive shredding at our secure facilities. The on-site hard drive shredding service is ideal for shredding large quantities of drives.

Hard drive shredding allows the disk drives to be shredded into tiny pieces. In most cases, data on a drive is not completely erased by formatting alone, rendering it possible to steal vital information. A proper hard drive shredding process cuts and shreds the drive by forcing it through the cutters and compacts the remaining metals leaving the data it contained completely unrecoverable.

As with any physical destruction process, eco-friendly safety measures must be followed, due to the tiny metals carrying toxins. Rest assured, our hard drive shredding services always include secure pickup and transport, compliance with industry and environmental guidelines, as well as a certification of data destruction.