Hard Drive Crushing

Hard Drive Crushing Services

We offer a variety of data destruction services including hard drive crushing as an alternative to hard drive degaussing, hard drive erasure or hard drive shredding. Destruction of hard drives using a disk crusher delivers a fast, inexpensive and reliable means of rendering a disk unreadable and completely unusable.

How Does Hard Drive Crushing Work?

A hard drive crusher breaks the platter of each hard drive making it virtually impossible to recover data. This is typically a method of destruction used by those with little security risk.

Uses for Hard Drive Crushers

No business is the same. That being said, not every business has the same rigorous security guidelines to follow. Every so often they just need an inexpensive way of destroying not so vital data. Hard drive crushing provides just that.

The use of a hard drive crusher may also come in handy when there is a time-gap between pick-up of the equipment and the actual physical destruction of it,  The crusher can be used on-site to make the drives impossible to use in the  meantime.