Data Destruction by Degaussing

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top secret bookDegaussing is a method of data destruction that completely erases data on hard drives and other magnetic media forever. This method of removing data is done by a mechanism called a degausser. A degausser changes the magnetic field which holds the data on devices. The process of degaussing scrambles the data into nonreplicable patterns, preventing it from being accessed again.

In fact, degaussing is one of the only ways to adhere to federal government regulations for data considered to be top secret. When information must be safeguarded for national security reasons, the use of a degausser for complete data removal is required, followed by destruction of the device.

HIPAA (Health Insurance and Accountability Act of 1996) is US legislation that requires data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Therefore, in order for any medical records to be destroyed, the electronic and magnetic data also need to go through a degaussing process in order to follow federal mandates.

Banks and major corporations have also been known to take advantage of degaussing their data when needed. For financial institutions the degaussing of data usually takes place when servers and hard drives are upgraded to newer equipment. The last thing any bank wants is to be the next establishment on the evening news for a leak of customer account information. Degaussing prevents anything of that nature from happening.

How Degaussing Works

A degausser is a piece of equipment used to destroy data by altering the magnetic composition of the device. A degausser can remove data from any device that uses magnetic data storage. DLT tapes, LTO tapes, and hard drives are common types of magnetic data storage that hold important information that may need to be erased.

Once the degausser machine is applied to the magnetic storage device, the stored data is scrambled into various patterns. When the process is complete the data is no longer retrievable, even by expert hackers or data retrieval firms.

With older data storage devices, the tapes and hard drives may be reused after degaussing However, it’s not a common because many businesses choose to upgrade to newer storage instead. This is where,, and come to the rescue. Many companies, medical facilities, and government agencies that want to upgrade data storage don’t know what to do with the obsolete equipment. Since 1965, the WeBuyUsed sites have purchased old and obsolete equipment, completely eradicated the data, and promoted corporate social responsibility by avoiding the landfills.

Why Degaussing

There are several companies that provide shredding services to hard drives and other storage media, but this is not considered the safest or most in-depth method of data elimination. Shredding cuts the tape media up into tiny pieces that would make data retrieval virtually impossible. However, not only does the data does still exist within these tiny pieces, but the metals and chemicals used to produce the equipment can possibly leak into the ground upon disposal.

When many government agencies, medical facilities, and private sector organizations require absolute data erasure and security, an even more reliable data destruction method is needed. Degaussing delivers that extra step by completely jumbling the data into incomprehensible and irreversible random patterns. Shredding converts into the second step to completely secure data destruction.

We Buy Used Tape, and We Buy Used Hard Drives uses the most modern data eradication equipment and destruction methods to guarantee complete removal of data from IT devices. Our degaussing machines and expert IT technicians provide the most secure data destruction services that meet strict regulations in any industry and those imposed by the federal government. To offer reassurance, customers receive a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

In order to meet the needs of each company and industry, data destruction services can be provided at a remote location or in a 100% secured facility. Any organization for which absolute data security is the main focus should take full advantage of the dedicated data destruction that degaussing provides.                       Interested? Please contact us today.

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