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Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) is not just another crazy acronym in the computer world. It refers to the infinitely growing amount of data being created and stored every second, and the analysis and use of the information. Essentially, big data is the ultimate mixture of software, platforms, and data as service with a giant uptick in the data involved.

The main advantages of Big Data are not only the limited upfront cost components, but the more space it provides as well. Handling great amounts of data warrants a continuous investment of time and resources. With BDaaS all of the heavy machinery is out of sight and out of mind; granting more freedom to focus on real issues at large.

Big data services including IT equipment and data tape media, is something that most businesses have difficulty managing. More often than not, the company executives throw these items in the back dumpster or clutter one of the rare and much needed storage areas. Luckily, businesses have the option of getting back a return on their investments in the IT realm. By contacting IT asset disposition experts like We Buy Used IT Equipment, any IT professional can go from budget cruncher to ROI hero. Below is an example of the many services We Buy Used IT Equipment provides to businesses.

Asset Procurement

We Buy Used IT Equipment has the ability to purchase just about any IT assets that a business is looking to sell. Anything from network switches, servers, RAM memory, and hard drives to disk arrays, VoIP equipment, tape drives and numerous amounts of data tapes. A very simple process begins when business owners or IT managers contact the IT disposition experts and provide a list of the assets they want to sell. The list of equipment is audited, appraised for value and an offer is made to purchase it. Once the offer is agreed upon, We Buy Used IT Equipment will send a truck to pick up the equipment and in some cases, send shipping labels to ship the equipment. After the IT assets arrive in a secure facility, the equipment is under 24-hour surveillance and all data is erased in a timely manner.

Asset Disposition

Whether a business decides to sell its IT assets for a return on investment or to donate the equipment to a charitable cause, asset disposition is always necessary for data security. Data eradication and asset disposal is another service that We Buy Used IT Equipment can handle. A truck can take the unused equipment to a secure and monitored facility area where specialists destroy all the data and draw up a Certificate of Data Destruction. All assets such as servers and tape media are erased in a clean and timely manner so that the business never has to worry again. All equipment is disposed of according to industry and government regulations ensuring 100% data security through all points of contact.

Superb Customer Service

Customer Service and Data Security have been our number one concern and priority since we opened our doors for business in 1965. We Buy Used IT Equipment has managed both by providing an incentive for recycling used media. By offering businesses cash and credit for their used data and media equipment, we’ve helped companies turn “junk” into cash. Our spotless reputation ensures your transactions are handled efficiently, ethically, and securely.  With thousands of transactions processed, we have never had one security breach or data loss.

An Industry Leader Since 1965

We Buy Used IT Equipment is proud to be a trusted partner that offers a buyback program, assets protection services, data elimination services and utmost customer service since 1965. Contact us today or fill out our short form for information. Toll Free 800-821-1782  | Local 800-700-7683



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