4 Tips for Secure Harddrive Disposal

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secure harddrive disposal

4 Tips for Secure Hard Drive Disposal

So, you just got a brand new, state of the art computer that outperforms your old machine by lightyears. You’ve backed up all of your existing data from your old hard drive and wiped it clean with some software you found online. Or at least you though you did.

Studies suggest that up to 78% of “wiped” hard drives still contain recoverable data. The last thing you need or want is for some tech wizard to get their hands on your old drive and recover any personal, financial, or proprietary enterprise data from your disposed drives.

Preforming a DIY hard drive disposal is not only impractical its outright dangerous. The smart option would be to partner up with a trusted It asset disposal firm that can destroy your old hard drives quickly, securely, and efficiently. Why deal with all the heart ache of worrying if you did it right anyways?

At some point it’s almost comical to do a Google search on hard drive destruction. You’ll be sure to come across videos of DIYers chopping their drives with an axe or hitting it with a sledge hammer. While watching someone puncture a hole with a drill press may be amusing, these methods don’t focus on the significance of improper IT asset disposition.

As the above situations suggest, technology equipment disposal brings forth a multitude of potential problems.

Whether your hard drives are from desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, disposing of them in the right manner will inevitably protect your business from sensitive information being stolen, and maintain compliance with constantly changing e-waste regulations.

Before attempting a DIY data destruction performance worthy of a YouTube following, ask yourself these 4 questions.

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1. "Where will be the final resting place of my hard drives?"

We've all heard the warnings and read the horror stories online. “Hospital hard drives with patient information go missing” or “Computer equipment stolen from waste management trucks.” When it comes to your hard drives and the personal information within them, make sure they’re secured before leaving your possession and in route to their destination.

2. "Are you 100% sure that your DIY data destruction procedure will permanently delete all the data? of my hard drives?"

Lately, data breaches in both the health and financial industries have become a major problem. According to Healthcare Dive, recently surveyed industry leaders discovered that 62% suffered a data breach within the past year alone! Even worse, more than half of those breaches threatened patient data. We urge you to partner with an ITAD vendor that can guarantee your drives are completely destroyed, and that the data is unrecoverable.

3. "Did I even destroy the right thing?"

Hard drives can be both large and extremely small. They’re embedded in everything from laptops and tablets to video game consoles and blue tooth electronics. If you're not sure where your drive is located, you don’t want to just guess. Contacting a trusted data destruction partner can help you locate the drives and destroy them completely.

4. "I hired an ITAD firm to destroy my drives, but how can I prove it to compliance regulators?"

Well first off, congratulations on doing the responsible thing! Finding a reliable and trusted ITAD partner for hard drive destruction is of the highest importance. Upon destruction of your drives, you should be issued a Certificate of Data Destruction. Besides getting the regulators from barking up your tree, it certifies that all of the data stored on your electronic devices and drives has been properly destroyed and the hardware has been disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Even though the movie Office Space made it look like stress relief therapy, hopefully you probably weren’t actually considering hitting your hard drives (or printer in their case) as a practical solution. Attempting a DIY on IT equipment disposal is equally unreasonable as it is dangerous.

Save yourself and your company the headaches and worries by partnering with a trusted ITAD firm who can help you destroy your data safely and efficiently. The best solution to these headaches is to engage a partner experienced in IT asset disposition. 

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