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We Buy Used Hard Drives specializes in buying used Hard Drives, SSDs, Servers, Networking, Storage, Memory and Processors. With over 50 years’ experience, we guarantee the highest offers and best service.

Since 1965, We Buy Used Hard Drives consistently maintains the highest security standards. Our spotless reputation ensures your transactions are handled efficiently, ethically, and securely.  With over one hundred thousand transactions processed, we have never had one security breach or data loss.

As a leader in the e-waste recycling industry, our goal is to make sure your IT assets are recycled responsibly and kept out of landfills. Our processes make sustainability and corporate social responsibility easily achievable.

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Inevitably your company will need upgraded IT equipment. Critical decisions will be made about what to do with the obsolete equipment. Let us assist you by providing the maximum value on the market. We guarantee best offers in buying used Hard Drives, SSDs, Servers, Networking, Storage, Memory, and Processors.

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Get a rapid quote from one of our IT experts. We respond in one business day for quotes on hard drives, SSDs, servers, networking equipment, tape media, memory and processors. 

An industry leader in on-site data eradication since 1965. Our compliant process provides a free data destruction certificate. We complete secure erasure and disposal while paying for shipping and complete chain of custody. 


IT storage is our specialty. In addition to Hard Drives and SSDs, we are always looking for Tape Media such as, LTO 4, LTO 5, LTO 6, LTO 7, IBM 3592 and more.

We work alongside your company's waste management strategy. We specialize in ethical e-waste recycling of used Hard Drives, SSDs and other IT Equipment. Our process is about corporate social responsibility.

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